Launch of new brand - LE LABO
Period  |  2022.11.01-2025.08.31

Le Labo was established in New York by Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot, two founders with many years of experience in the fragrance industry, who, sensing the distortion of a fragrance market awash in advertising and influencer endorsements, co-founded the artisanal fragrance brand Le Labo in New York. This independent fragrance brand is dedicated to the art of perfume-blending. The truly fascinating story of the perfumer's craft, knowledge, ingredients, and the transformation of abstract concepts into actual scents, is the choice they offer to those looking for a unique scent for their style.

Le Labo stands for Laboratory. In this fragrance laboratory, the shaping derived from inspiration is the beginning of all the steps of the art of perfume-making. Perfumers will constantly blend several ingredients to outline an abstract prototype, a painstaking process that may see a perfume amended 50 times to 400 times, until the notes of the scent begin to take shape. The blended ingredients, alcohol, and pure water are then placed separately in the store until the customer has selected a series to buy. The perfumer will then hand-mix the ingredients on site according to certain proportions and bottle them immediately, and finally label them with their name, the perfumer’s name, and the date of preparation to create a personalized perfume product.

Doing what you feel is right is the most important spirit for Le Labo, a brand that pursues authentic emotions and a natural flow, like the spirit of Wabi-Sabi. When you walk into the lab, you are greeted by the aesthetics that have been refined over time, a simple, soulful, not perfect, but a well-rounded fragrance philosophy.

Each Le Labo perfume offers a unique scent and charm, and will not clash with other fragrances. The perfumers of LE LABO are not called perfumers, but “souls”, a group of people who can build a profound relationship with customers and cherish it.

Location: Ever Rich Taipei Downtown Store Neihu: No. 129, Jinzhuang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City