City of Tudigong, Taoyuan City
Period  |  2020.06.10-2020.12.10

There are two important dates in Tudigong legend.  February 2nd of the lunar calendar is regarded as Tudigong's birthday.  It is celebrated as Touya, meaning the first feast, while August 15th is the day he ascends to heaven.  All Tudigong temples will hold ceremonies and festivals of celebration on this day.  Therefore, Tudigong Culture Festival has been held the weekend before August 15th of the lunar calendar since 2008 with bustling activities.  Mayor Cheng of Taoyuan upgraded the Tudigong Culture Festival to the Tudigong International Folk Arts Festival in 2018.  The Taoyuan Culture Foundation has been in charge of the event ever since.  The unique festival of Tudigong has not only become a special day in Taoyuan but has also connected the legend to other countries, especially those with beliefs in a deity of land. 

Tudigong International Arts Festival 2020 is scheduled to be held on September 19th to 20th at the parking lot next to Feng-He Park in Taoyuan.   You are more than welcome to join us to experience this unique folklore and cultural feast!

Exhibition Date:June 10, 2020 - December 10, 2020
Exhibition Location:Recreation Lounge, Terminal 1 B, Taoyuan International Airport
Supervisor:Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan
Organizer:Taoyuan Culture Foundation
Co-organizer:Ever Rich Foundation, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Chinese Traditional Culture Foundation