Unleashing Impact: everrich Mobilizes Partners for “The 1% Sustainable Action Exchange Forum”
Period  |  2023.10.17-2025.12.31


With the core values of “Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, and Sustainability”, everrich has not only officially launched the ESG program “everrich 1%” this year, but has also organized “The 1% Sustainable Action Exchange Forum”. They invited 36 different industry partners to exchange ideas and share how their respective companies are concretely implementing ESG actions. This event also serves as a platform for collaboration across various fields, enabling more individuals and businesses to leverage their influence and resources to collectively contribute to the sustainability of the planet through practical actions.

During the event, Kevin Chiang, the President of everrich, introduced how the company ventured into ESG and its tangible results. He said, “everrich has always been serving the community, and our employees voluntarily organize volunteer groups to care for socially relevant causes. At that time, Chairman Eugene Chien of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy pointed out that what we were doing was essentially ESG”. Furthermore, everrich did not fear the setbacks brought by the pandemic and actively focused on energy conservation and carbon reduction, reducing carbon emissions by over 12 million kilograms in 2022. In 2023, we initiated the “everrich 1% #Duty4Taiwan” project, harnessing the collective power of 1% of time, 1% of resources, and 1% of influence to change the world.

Mr. Richard Lee, the General Manager of Jiu Zhen Nan Bakery, shared his ESG initiatives. He stressed the importance of avoiding the addition of chemical components to food products and the implementation of green procurement and food waste reduction plans. Furthermore, Mr. Chia-liang Cheng, the General Manager of ACE Energy, advised that companies interested in energy conservation and carbon reduction should refrain from hastily purchasing green energy . Instead, they should first conduct a carbon footprint verification and then formulate a strategy.

Additionally, Mr. I-hsi Hsiung, the President of the CWS, presented specific ESG “S” (Social Responsibility) guidelines, comprising nine major indicators. These indicators allow businesses to assess their efforts in fulfilling social responsibilities, helping them evaluate if their actions align with these nine categories: long-term sustainability, engagement with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), resource allocation, core business functions, innovation and creativity, external organizational connections, addressing societal concerns, defining thresholds, and social impact. He also encouraged businesses to advance their ESG endeavors within the “3C” framework: compliance (ESG compliance with regulations), competence (ESG capability), and competitiveness (ESG competitiveness).

The 36 invited companies also signed a pledge in response and committed to joining everrich in their ESG efforts. After the meeting, there was enthusiastic interaction, and everyone acknowledged the platform that everrich had provided for this exchange. Through this event, they developed a mutual understanding of ESG practices in various industries and explored the potential for cross-industry collaboration. This has the potential to enhance the benefits of ESG and ignite distinctive ESG initiatives, contributing to the genuine implementation of sustainability for our planet!