Ever Rich Joins Hands with Local Communities for Public Welfare at 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival
Period  |  2023.7.21-2024.7.31

The "Taiwan International Balloon Festival" has always been Taiwan's grandest tourist event which attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year. This year, thanks to being under the spotlight, the 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will run from July 1 to August 28 at Luye Highland, Taitung County. Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, committed to promoting Taiwan's tourism, once again participates in this joyous occasion. Not only does Ever Rich give back to the long-supporting travelers to the Green Island, but it also invites children from local childcare institutions in the Taitung area to experience the thrill of flying high in a hot air balloon, hence creating beautiful childhood memories.

Beyond serving domestic and international travelers at the national borders, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop also collaborates with various local governments in promoting Taiwan's tourism. The Profond Duty Free Shop on Green Island, established by Ever Rich, has been providing services to the island for a decade and ensuring comprehensive tourism support for Taitung and Green Island. Through practical actions, we support and give back to local tourism activities, hoping to fully showcase the beauty of Taiwan's culture and landscape to our visitors!