Guerlain and Ever Rich Duty Free together raise awareness for bee protection
Period  |  2023.6.28-2030.6.28


There are one-third of our food comes from flowering plants, and about 80% of them need bees to assist for pollination. Taiwan is famous for its fruit varieties, and also known as “fruit kingdom”. The annual output value of honey in Taiwan exceeds NTD 2 billion (about USD 66 million), which show the importance of the bee ecosystem in Taiwan.

Due to intensive farming, vanishing habitats and climate change, the annual honey bee mortality rate now stands at 30%, and the disappearance of bees is a worldwide phenomenon which is endangering biodiversity.

Guerlain announced its “Bee School” program in 2018 to raise awareness of bee protection among schoolchildren. This program is cascaded to the world where Guerlain is present. Ever Rich Duty Free is happy to be invited to be one of Guerlain partners to bring Bee School project to more Taiwanese children, and educate more Taiwanese families the importance of protecting bees.

The activity took place in 20th May 2023, the World Bee Day, and involves bee related games and little beekeeper experience. The purpose is to learn why bees are so significant, the reason they are in danger, how to help to protect them, and educates children about the environmental protection with a focus on the bees. Ever Rich Duty Free Shop invited a total of six families of VIP member, consisting of 9 children aged 5-8, along with their parents, to participate together.

Ever Rich Duty Free has been devoting into CSR, there are educational camp and over 100 beach cleaning activities were held every year. In 2023, we initiated a campaign that revolves Duty4Green, Duty4Love, and Duty4People. The objective is to encourage individuals to contribute 1% of their efforts, thereby becoming a collective force in protecting the Earth. The spirit of Guerlain’s Bee School project is in line with Ever Rich’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, Ever Rich is looking forward to more ESG activities with brand cooperation to make meaningful impact together in the future.