Ever Rich Duty Free Introduces Electronics Recycling Station in Taoyuan Airport
Period  |  2023.06.27-2030.06.30

Ever Rich Duty Free has responded to the resumption of overseas travel in Taiwan by introducing an electronics recycling initiative at Taoyuan International Airport. The initiative aims to promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of tourism by encouraging travelers to recycle their discarded electronic devices, such as international prepaid SIM cards and batteries. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, the initiative features six recycling stations designed to resemble SIM cards, adorned with green plant imagery, and easily accessible to passengers.


All recyclable materials collected will be sent to qualified recycling plants for proper processing and reuse, contributing to the reduction of the negative impact of discarded electronics on the environment. Kevin Chiang, Ever Rich Duty Free's President, expressed his commitment to sustainable practices, stating that "Sustainability is a global trend and the responsibility of every inhabitant of Earth. As a member of Taoyuan International Airport's carbon reduction program, we are working with the airport to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and promote green airport practices."

Ever Rich Duty Free has always been enthusiastic about public welfare and has focus on sustainability since early 2019. I In 2022, the company launched an internal challenge to reduce carbon emissions by 9 million kilograms, starting with simple yet essential measures such as replacing regular lights with energy-saving LED lights. This initiative resulted in a remarkable savings of 14,274,293 kilowatt-hours of electricity in just one year, equivalent to the power consumption of 3,873 households. In addition, Ever Rich implemented paperless digital systems across all branches and headquarters, saving an impressive 16,813,653 pieces of paper, equivalent to preserving 5,604 large 20-year-old trees.


Beyond its internal ESG initiatives, Ever Rich seeks to extend its positive impact to consumers by encouraging them to actively engage with global sustainability movements. For instance, the company launched a member reward program that offers 50 extra points to members who choose not to take a paper bag, leading to the savings of 1.36 million paper bags in a year. Ever Rich also reduced its use of PE packaging materials and replaced plastic straws with environmentally friendly paper straws, effectively reducing plastic usage by 30,133 kilograms. The company also invited consumers to join in environmental protection activities such as beach clean-ups. A total of 50 such activities were held throughout the year, resulting in the collection of 2,045.53 kilograms of garbage, equivalent to a carbon reduction of 10,393.8 kilograms.

Ever Rich Duty Free's commitment to sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but also a social responsibility. The company's headquarter rallied with colleagues from all branches, inviting family members and consumers to participate in the movement. The result was that it not only achieved the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 9 million kilograms but also exceeded the goal by 124.03%, resulting in a total reduction of 11.16 million kilograms of carbon emissions. This outstanding achievement has inspired the morale of all colleagues, and Ever Rich Duty Free will continue to make efforts for environmental sustainability, hoping to become a leader in the travel retail industry and lead the entire industry towards a low-carbon future.