Ever Rich obtained the first “Green Renewable Energy Certificate” in Kinmen
Period  |  2023.02.16-2028.03.31

Amid the global trend of net-zero carbon emissions, renewable energy has increasingly played a pivotal role. Renewable energy refers to energy sources that can be continuously used without causing environmental and ecological depletion and pollution, and can be continuously replenished, such as solar energy, hydroelectric power, wind power, and other forms of power generation derived from nature.

Ever Rich has been investing in social welfare and sustainable development for a long time, as well as promoting policies related to energy saving and plastic reduction, paperless operations and recycling, etc. Last year, Ever Rich achieved a total carbon emission reduction of 9 million kg, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 33 Taipei City Da’an Forest Parks.

In 2022, under the guidance and cooperation of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) and the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as the Kinmen County Government and Taiwan Power Company, Ever Rich invested in the construction of a solar power generation system on the top floor of the Golden Lake Plaza and Hotel in Kinmen, despite the high construction costs involved. The system will generate 58,670 kilowatts of electricity per year, which is about the annual electricity consumption of 15 households.

In January 2023, the solar power system became the first site in Kinmen to be certified by the National Renewable Energy Certification Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (T-REC). The solar power system is self-generating and generates green power certificates, which supports the development of green energy sources in Kinmen and contributes to low-carbon tourism and a beautiful planet.