Ever Rich Chairman, Simon Chiang Receives Frontier Awards' Lifetime Achievement
Period  |  2018.10.16-2019.12.31


The most prestigious set of accolades in travel retail industry, Frontier Awards concluded its 34th annual award in Cannes, France on October 3rd this year. It's on a par with the Oscars in film, Frontier Awards is the global authority of duty free & travel retail industry.

Winning the categories of 'Border, Downtown and Non-Airport Retailer of the Year' and 'Airport Retailer of the Year in Single Location' in the previous two years, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop was awarded with exceptional 'Lifetime Achievement' this year. The Chairman, Simon Chiang, received the 'Lifetime Achievement' award and was honored with the special recognition for his unwavering belief in providing travelers the best service in his active 40 years in the industry. Despite the changing of consumer behaviors, economy, politics, environment and technology, Chiang has diligently persisted on his philanthropic work and self-funded several charitable foundations; the time and efforts volunteered by his 7000 employees and himself have reached countless people in need and his concerns for the environment has also earned Ever Rich the title of a responsible cooperation. Chiang is a positive force in the industry and a role model for many.

In his speech, Chairman Chiang expressed his gratitude for his family, his work teams as well as his appreciation for the support from all travelers alike. He talked about the position Ever Rich plays is not only a mere retail store but also the bridge between Taiwan and the world. The company takes the important role of showing international visitors Taiwan's culture, arts and humanity and bringing the island onto the world stage. In receiving 'Lifetime Achievement', the award recognizes Chiang's contributions in travel retail industry and solidifies Ever Rich Duty Free Shop a seat in the world.


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